WELCOME to Gateway Church, Barnsley For more info - just scroll down
WELCOME to Gateway Church, Barnsley      For more info - just scroll down  

Meet the Oversight Team of Gaeway

Pastor Mark Reasbeck: 07913 386543

Mark is married to Mary Sue with 3 children.

"We are passionate at Gateway about serving the people of Barnsley with the good news of Jesus.  There is no other answer to life, death and eternity - except Jesus Christ.  Jesus is the gateway to this new life and new start.  You're very welcome to join us and discover more."

Pastor Alex Botos: 07840 374102

 Alex is married to Simona with one daughter.

"For us Jesus Christ is the answer to everything. And only believing in Christ Jesus you can have a true identity and then find a genuine purpose for your life. We are not afraid or ashamed to proclaim this TRUTH with all of Gateway Church".  "WHAT YOU DO IN LIFE ECHOES IN ETERNITY".

Jonathan Tweedle - CAP Manager:

"Gateway is a church where you can connect with God and find out more about Jesus - and not get tied up with old traditions!".

Janet Morris (Gateway Secretary):

"Gateway is a place where you can discuss the issues of today and how they relate to the Christian faith."

Janet Crownshaw - Food Bank Co-ordinator:

"Gateway is giving us a new opportunity to do church a little differently, and to introduce Jesus to the people of Barnsley.  I feel happy to be part of Gateway".

Neil Morris - Community Engagement:

"Gateway - a place for creative and contemporary worship, and a gathering of ordinary Christians meeting Jesus in a real way".

Phil Andrew - Human Rights campaigner

David Hirst - regular worship leader at Gateway (New Lodge congregation).

Linda Parsons - Food Bank assistant Co-ordinator @ Mottram Hall

Srikanth Bandla - Gateway Treasurer

Gateway News

Gateway meetings (in person) have resumed every Sunday.  See home page for more details.

'LIVESTREAM' 4.00PM SUN - live from a Gateway venue in Barnsley on this website.

Food Bank 11am-1pm only @ Mottram Hall -every Thurs.


07955 655585 or

07443 408039. Click here for further info.

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